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July 03, 2020 3 min read

If you think that period cramps are the worst thing which you can face during menstrual periods, then hold your breath because acne comes along with it as well.  Acne during periods is linked to the changes in the hormone levels, this also contributes to the emergence of mood swings as well. It can bring along sore breasts or some additional PMS-related symptoms.

Introduction about Period Acne

During the time of the menstrual cycle, a massive fluctuation in your hormone cycle affects your body greatly. This can bring issues of acne breakout before your period even hits.  Before the arrival of your period date, the production of the progesterone falls and the level of estrogen will rise. Estrogen is known as the female sex hormone. This can happen when oil production increases inside your body. Excess amounts of sebum can simply clog the pores which can result in acne breakouts.

Where acne takes place in period?

Acne breakouts will mostly take place in the jawline area or around the area of the chin. You might even notice some large or tiny cysts which are popping during this time of the month.  They can turn out to be a lot painful for you and can take the shape of infectious breakouts in case if they pop out.  Squeezing and popping the acne can leave scars on the jawline or chin area.

Topical Remedies to Follow for Treating Period Acne

Right here we will be letting you know some of the topical remedies about how to get rid of period pimples:

  1. Benzoyl Peroxide

Topical benzoyl peroxide is available in the form of gels or creams.  It has the high properties of anti-bacterial and being anti-inflammatory for reducing redness or swelling.  Some of its common side effects are burning, dryness, sun-sensitivity, or tingling.

  1. Salicylic Acid

Salicylic acid works as a peeling agent with high anti-inflammatory properties.  It is effective in taking off the top skin layer and reduces the further growth of acne symptoms.

  1. Topical Retinoids

These Vitamin A derivatives are considered to be effective for the treatment of moderate acne. It is based on high anti-inflammatory properties to get smooth and clear skin. Some of its common side effects are burning, dryness, sun-sensitivity, or tingling.

What is the basic Oral Medication for Treating Period Acne?

  • Birth Control Pills

You can consult your doctor for some birth control pills which are extremely effective for the treatment of hormonal acne.

  • Anti-Androgens

Anti-androgen medications just like Flutamide, or Spironolactone and Cyproterone will simply regulate and even reduce the level of androgen inside the human body.  A high level of androgen can contribute to the overproduction of oil which can result in acne.


Easy Home Remedies for the Treatment of Period Acne

Below we will be letting you know about some of the basic and important home remedies to guide you on how to get rid of period pimples overnight:

  1. Tea Tree Oil

You can use tea tree oil for the effective treatment of acne control. It plays an important role in reducing the inflammation level due to the antimicrobial properties in it.

  1. Turmeric

Turmeric has been used for hundreds of years and is known to be the best home remedy for the treatment of skin-related issues. It is high in its anti-inflammatory properties which can improve your acne growth and even reduce redness or acne pain.

  1. Honey

Honey is another important remedy for controlling period acne.  It works as a therapeutic agent to address your different skin concerns. Besides working as a moisturization, honey has some rich antimicrobial properties for preventing the growth of acne-causing bacteria.


Follow the guidelines and home remedies that we discussed above for you to easily control the growth of oil production in your skin during periods.

ariel morgan
ariel morgan

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