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January 17, 2019 2 min read

Natural remedies for menstrual cramps

Every girl knows she's about to get her period because we get lovely reminders from our menstrual cycle symptoms. Girls suffer from an array of symptoms that are generally associated with the cramping and PMS. Most of us have to turn to over the counter drugs, or harsher prescription medication to help relieve the pain. Certain inflammatory drugs like NSAIDs (Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) have been known to offer some degree of relief during menstruation, but they are certainly not the most effective in making the pain go away or have the best long term side effects. These synthesized drugs contain ingredients that us women should be educated on, and why it may not be the best option and what are the natural alternatives.

                        Natural alternative to midol and ibuprofen

Why NSAIDs (Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug) is not the best choice for period relief

NSAIDs are drugs that lessen inflammation, pain, fever, and sometimes prevents blood clots. Despite the fact that these drugs can help reduce the pain that is associated with the menstrual cycle, they have been known to possess certain side effects. The most common side effects that have been associated with the use of NSAIDs include bleeding, gastrointestinal ulcer, heart failure, and kidney problems or disease. These side effects depend on the drug and the brand that produces it.

Most NSAIDs are non-selective, and the use of NSAIDs like the aspirin can thin the blood while it is used to reduce inflammation.

The good news is that there are natural remedies that don’t pose this kind of threat to the well-being of the user. Natural remedies like ginger, turmeric can help reduce pain and inflammation during menstruation.


Maxine + Morgan has begun a clinical study to determine how effective the herbal blend works in comparison to Midol and Ibuprofen. It is the brand's mission to offer a natural supplement that consistently works for women who suffer from painful periods. 

ariel morgan
ariel morgan

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If you are suffering from a painful period's cramps, then it is okay to talk to a gynecologist for a piece of clinical advice. The physician will prescribe medications to you if needed. But in many cases, people usually go for home remedies which are also not bad. Maxine+Morgan offers OB/GYN formulated capsules that are amazing at combating monthly menstrual cycle symptoms including PMS + cramps. This supplement has been shown to work within 20-30 minutes and you only need to take one capsule with a glass of water. Say goodbye to taking Midol, Mortin, Advil because why are we using the same pain reliever when you have a headache to take care of your menstrual pains? 

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