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July 13, 2020 5 min read

Periods reimagined by Maxine+Morgan

Written by: Karen Morgan 

Having a monthly menstrual cycle period is so natural and has been around since the beginning of time, yet in 2020 we still whisper in our best friends' ear if she can spare a tampon. This phenomenon of having to whisper and stay hush hush just so we don’t grossmenout has caused a negative ripple effect, a stigma, and shame for women who get a monthly period. But why does it have to be like this? I would love to live in a world where all women can embrace their periods, not feel shameful and talk with other women, strangers or relatives, and find the solutions they need to successfully manage a monthly period.

Let me share my experience with you. I was fortunate enough to grow up in a household of five women and my father, who is a fertility specialist, I have always talked openly about my period with others because I am comfortable dealing with mine. There are definitely perks to being the youngest child, and one of them is learning from my older sisters. I first got my period I immediately went to my mom and asked for some period pads. Unlike my older sister, who likes to share with me how she used toilet paper because she was not comfortable with going to my mom at first. 

If you were to ask me what my worst symptom was, it was everything under the sun - I wouldn’t consider myself lucky in that arena, I suffered from bloating, cramping, fatigue, moodiness, and I would skip school, or hide in the nurse's office when I went to school. To say the least, menstrual symptoms significantly interrupted my life-style and it still does. The only difference now than before is understanding what works for my body, what products work best, and that’s what I’d like to share with you today. 

Women have many feminine hygiene products to choose from, like pads, tampons, menstrual cups, and even menstrual rings - the list goes on, my best advice would be to talk with a friend and see how she manages theflowor talk with your OB/GYN, or with strangers in community groups on Facebook, Quora, Reddit because what I’ve learned is that sometimes you can’t always talk with your dad or your mom about this. 

Furthermore, managing your symptoms is a whole different story and it takes many years for women to figure out what ingredients can help minimize those. But for me, my family and I started a company that specializes in herbal supplements that minimize common menstrual cycle symptoms. If you’d like to learn more about it, it’s called Maxine + Morgan, founded by my older sister and my dad, who’s a Double Board Certified OB/GYN and Reproductive Endocrinologist. The company was started for one purpose, and that was to combat your symptoms without compromising your health and wellness. This was most important to my dad since my sisters and I all suffer from debilitating pains and he doesn’t like watching us self-prescribe on over-the-counter drugs. 

Continue reading to learn more about Maxine + Morgan and just know, you are not alone. With the collective effort of companies that help shape the feminine hygiene space, we will help women feel more comfortable talking about their issues so we can help craft solutions and not be so hush hush around men. 

How does Maxine + Morgan differ from other brands? Why is this important?

Maxine + Morgan takes health and wellness very seriously. All of our ingredients have been clinically studied to ensure effective results when it comes to period symptoms. Each ingredient was carefully vetted and researched to ensure we were making the best herbal supplement for all period symptoms. Periods come with more than just the bleeding and the more I was in tune with my period the more I noticed that it was affecting my mood a week before it started. This is normal for many people and it's called your premenstrual symptoms or PMS. Bloating, irritability, fatigue are just a few of the symptoms associated. The more I learned about how to treat them naturally the more I was recommending Flow Formula to my friends and family. I was sick of people canceling plans because of their symptoms. 

I saw the effort and long hours spent on this project and I understood what it would take in order to have a successful brand. Since I studied public health at school and worked on two research projects with the local hospital, I knew it was very important that we have a study on our product. Even though women are loving the product and rave about it the science will speak for itself. With the help of my father, we embarked on our first clinical study and it will be ongoing until the end of September. We are excited to see the results and share them with you! 

What ingredients are used in the product? 

We only use ingredients you can read and grow!

  • Ginger has been clinically tested to be an excellent herb for dysmenorrhea which causes severe and frequent cramps and pain during your period. Menstrual cramps are caused by contractions or tightening in the uterus (which is a muscle) by a chemical called prostaglandin. Ginger has also been used to treat nausea. Ever wonder why you drink ginger ale when you're sick!! 
  • Turmeric is considered to be one of the best-medicated herbs in its ability to regulate menstruation and balancing hormones. The antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties relieve menstrual pain. As well as calming breakouts on the face. 
  • Fennel Seed powder can work as effectively as drugs like ibuprofen for painful periods
  • Cramp Bark is used for relieving cramps, including muscle spasms, menstrual cramps, and cramps during pregnancy. 
  • Valerian Root reduces cramping pain and the need for other pain relievers during menstruation.
  • Hemp extract is a powerful component of our blend. It is used in two of our products Flow Lite and Flow Formula. This ingredient can be used to treat painful menstrual cramps because it is a strong anti-inflammatory. It is very effective because of our endocannabinoid system where we have receptors on our uterus. Who knew!! 

We all want to have our periods. It is the most natural process a woman goes through but the symptoms associated with it can be painful and debilitating. Thankfully now we can say Maxine + Morgan is able to soothe those symptoms naturally. We shouldn't be hiding in our beds or be moody and irritable instead we should be celebrating our periods and feeling our best every day of the month. 

Team Reason Collaborator
Team Reason Collaborator

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If you are suffering from a painful period's cramps, then it is okay to talk to a gynecologist for a piece of clinical advice. The physician will prescribe medications to you if needed. But in many cases, people usually go for home remedies which are also not bad. Maxine+Morgan offers OB/GYN formulated capsules that are amazing at combating monthly menstrual cycle symptoms including PMS + cramps. This supplement has been shown to work within 20-30 minutes and you only need to take one capsule with a glass of water. Say goodbye to taking Midol, Mortin, Advil because why are we using the same pain reliever when you have a headache to take care of your menstrual pains? 

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