Presenteeism - An Issue Related To Menstrual Symptoms:

What Is Presenteeism, How Is It Linked With Menstruation, and Why is it important to stop menstrual cycle symptoms?

Presenteeism means attending work or class despite being sick, meanwhile, it takes a huge toll on mental health and work productivity. A lot of women go through the same situation on their menstruating days at work which in result ruins not only their performance but also their health. When women go through their cycle, their work productivity is automatically lowered in the early nine days. However, due to a lack of awareness, it impacts the situation even more. This condition is mostly not taken seriously and women are expected to provide as much productivity as their regular days at work. It’s important to get a grip on our symptoms so that we are able to go to work/school and be productive. We live in a time where women are expected to do the same work as a man and we don’t want our symptoms getting in the way of that.

Can PMS be a Factor when Considering Presenteeism?

About 90% of women experience PMS in their monthly lives. This is the combination of physical and emotional troubles that can cause disruptions in personal or professional lives. PMS symptoms last about a week before menstruation and symptoms are usually mild to moderate.

How Presenteeism Does Take a Toll on Women’s Menstrual Health?

While we know Presenteeism takes a toll on women's menstrual health, what we don’t know is how exactly it affects women. Let's start by listing the symptoms of menstruation one by one:

  • Abdominal cramps
  • Diarrhea or constipation 
  • Headaches
  • Joint pain
  • Muscle ache
  • Bloating 
  • Discomfort 
  • Fatigue

Each of these symptoms is enough on their own for taking a day off from work and resting at home. Most of the women face multiple symptoms at the same time and it becomes very hard for them to maintain their productivity. Due to lack of awareness or maybe ignorance, presenteeism is expected from women and they are expected to perform well. By pushing themselves to work hard or by doing more activities than they can handle, it can worsen their condition and take an even bigger toll on their menstrual, mental, and physical health. This is a much serious matter than been considered all together.

 Effects of Presenteeism Evident Through Studies:

According to a survey conducted in the Netherlands, it was founded that an average woman takes 1.3 days per year off due to her menstruation. Almost 81% of women show up for work or their studies even though they feel multiple menstruating symptoms at the same time. When it comes to productivity in the menstruating days, it was said that an average woman is 33% less productive on those days. It shows how a lot of women show up for work and perform as much as they can even though they feel sick and not at all suited to work. There's also a huge taboo associated with menstruation. Due to that, only 20% of women who take an off from the work are honest about their reason with their employers. However, the younger generation of women is more likely to express the real reason for their absence. There is a reason why we need to stop our symptoms from occurring.


Measures Suitable To Combat Presenteeism during Menstruating Women:

There are a few measures that can be taken by employers or teachers to provide ease to women during their menstruating days. Those measures are:

  • They should be granted a few days leave to rest and completely take care of themselves.
  • They should be granted permission to work from home if they can handle it.
  • They should lessen the work burden of women who do show up for work even in their symptoms.
  • They should raise awareness about menstruation and how it links with Presenteeism and makes the whole thing even worse for women.

Final Thoughts:

In culmination, it is safe to say that presenteeism has taken a huge toll on the menstrual health of women, and have affected their productivity even more. Unfortunately, our society doesn’t allow us to take a few days off in order to feel better so there is a way to stop menstrual symptoms once and for all. Natural ingredients can show promising solutions for menstrual symptoms, that’s why you should consider a company like Maxine + Morgan. They’ve considered these factors and formulated an all-natural capsule blend that shows comfort within 20-30 minutes and up to 6-8 hours.