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May 04, 2020 3 min read

It does not matter that you are a man or a woman when it comes to health. Both genders need special care and prevention against different diseases and health issues. However, due to the socio-cultural factors the health of women being neglected, subdued, needs particular concern.

Factors Preventing Women from Quality Health Services

Many issues do not allow women to benefit from health services and taking care of themselves. Some of these factors are given below.

  • The uneven power relations
  • Not allowing women to get an education
  • Stop women from getting a job.
  • The chances of sexual, physical, and emotional violence.

Tips for Women’s Health

To educate women about the health issues and their possible solution, the following are some of the tips, which if followed may result in preventing health problems.

  • Stress Reduction

It is considered as one of the main problems of every other individual. Women who are suffering from stress shows many major health-related issues like heart diseases, chances of infertility, development of anxiety, and psychological problems. To prevent oneself from stress it is recommended to adopt a stress reduction method and follow it for as long as it works. You can consult your doctor if required. Sex can also play an important role in this regard as long as it keeps you happy and satisfied. If you are facing any issues, you should consult your doctor.

  • Dieting and its Disadvantages

To reduce weight and look slim and smart, several women have adopted the dieting technique. Getting into fad diets is never a good idea and eating excessively when on your period isn’t either. There are surprising foods you shouldn’t eat during your period, to learn more click here. It is not good for health. You can reduce your weight and stay healthy by several activities i.e. eating a balanced diet, going to the gym or taking part in some sports activities. Diet is not the only option for this goal.

  • Appropriate Intake of Calcium

By taking an excessive amount of calcium in your diet, you are likely going to develop kidney problems or other health-related issues. The recommended quantity of calcium intake for less than fifty years old women is 1000 mg and over fifty years is 1200 mg per day. Milk and almond are the best calcium diet one can consume in daily life.

  • Weekly Cardio Exercises

Women should carry out the cardio exercise to stay fit and healthy. To prevent heart diseases, cancer, and diabetics it is advised that cardio exercises may be done at least 4 times per week.

  • Sensitivity Towards Birth Control

Birth control gets a bad rap, but not only can it keep you from getting pregnant before you are ready, but studies also show it can lower the risk of uterine and ovarian cancer as well as regulate your cycle. 

  • Booking an Appointment With Your Doctor

A checkup from your doctor is of utmost importance to keep track of your health. Women should frequently go to their doctors and carry out a medical examination. In this way, not only the existing health problems will be identified but any potential health issue can also be addressed and precaution can be taken accordingly.

  • Taking a Sound Sleep

Due to the daily routine, it is sometimes seen that the sleep timing of women is disturbed. It is recommended that 8 hours of sleep if observed can prevent you from many health issues like heart attack, psychological problems, diabetes, and anxiety.

The health of women is extremely important. Equality is regarded as an essential need in today’s society. If health is properly taken care of, a woman can do any job a man can while taking care of her family as long as she is physically and emotionally fit.

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Team Reason Collaborator

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